EZ Scripts in Arabic!


Ali Almatrok's Versions of selected EZ Scripts - in Arabic

your favorite EZ scripts in Arabic!   June 11, 2001   (https://www.qateif.com/ ).

Ali Almatrok, has submitted the first Arabic translation of EZGUEST. And more are coming!

You can download his version of EZGUEST and other EZ scripts by checking out his web site (select Downloads). Demo pages are also available for testing the scripts. In order to view the pages correctly, your browser needs to be configured to display Arabic fonts. The easiest way to do this is by using Internet Explorer 5.0 and selecting Arabic encoding. (Click here for more information on using Arabic fonts).


Ali has allowed testing of EZGUEST at this demo site.

Below is a picture of the create-guestbook panel (click for larger image).

and you can click here to see the guestbook in action.


Ali has already started translating EZMBGEN (Robert Macwange's version) and has set up the demo site here.

Here is a picture of the index page of EZMBGEN (click for larger image).

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