EZ Suite in German!


Norbert Wildenblanck's Versions of selected EZ Scripts - in German

your favorite EZ scripts in German!   May 5, 2001   (www.germanCGI.de).

Norbert Wildenblanck, from Germany, has devoted a lot of time and effort in translating several of my scripts to German and has been using them at his site, www.germanCGI.de - which is an extremely popular site for webmasters.

Norbert has graciously allowed his translations to be available for downloading from my site. See table below. He has promised to release the others as soon as he has repackaged them for general use.

All of his versions have a consistent look and feel which make them perfect components for a suite. Norbert has added enhancements to the scripts as needed to improve the interface or tighten the security.

contact germanCGI.de for support.

last update 6/26/2001 - added German version of Linkmaster, derived from EZLINKPG and featuring unlimited categories.

GästebuchEasy Guestbook (demo) -the guestbooks now use css, so even the entries will follow any design-mods
-the ezguesta.pl now comes along with the same design as the guestbook
-the users now can choose fontstyle and a tablewidth
UmfragetoolEasy Poll Maker(under construction)
KleinanzeigenmarktEasy Classified Ads Generator(under construction)
LinkmasterEasy Linkpage Generator
-unlimited categories
-admin function to edit and delete link entries
-your logo appears on every page
-change color scheme anytime
UmfragegeneratorEasy Voting Booth Generator(under construction)
DiskussionsforumEasy Message Board Generator -password request added to mbadmin.pl to prevent anyone from deleting entries from any board ezmbgen_ger.zip
MultiCounterEasy Hit Board Maker(under construction)

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