EZ Script Mods by John (malmklang) Slettjord - in Norwegian


John (malmklang) Slettjord's versions of selected EZ Scripts

John (malmklang) Slettjord of Team Opelwerk, from Norway, has applied his knowledge of stylesheets, his experience with smileys and ubbcode to several of my EZ scripts to give them a new look and feel. now he's applying internationalization techniques to some of them to allow effortless translation.

Enhanced EZGUEST (English and Norwegian)

5/24/2002 - UPDATE! John has added all these features to EZGUEST.

  1. ubbcode - simplified method (point and click) of adding HTML to guestbook entries
  2. smiley shortcuts - easy way to spice up your entries with smilies and other emoticons
  3. admin script - allows the administrator to maintain users' guestbooks
  4. stylesheets - tailor the look and feel of all new guestbooks instantly by modifying the style sheet.
  5. cookies - gives the guestbook visitor a chance to save his basic info so he doesn't have to re-enter them everytime!

You can try it or download the zipfile here.

EZWBGEN (Norwegian)
John has provided a complete translation of EZWBGEN! Even the installation instructions have been translated to Norwegian. He has provided three sets of stylesheets (one for IE, Netscape 4.+ and Netscape 6) - take your pick!

You can download the zipfile here.

6/18/2001 - UPDATE! John has successfully added ubbcode and smiley shortcuts to EZWBGEN and you can try it out by posting messages and follow-up's at his test board. now, that is cool!

John has put together a zipfile containing all the graphic files and complete instructions on how to add ubbcode and smiley shortcuts to your copy of EZWBGEN. (Read about the upgrade kit - strong perl and cgi skills are required! Or download it now!)

BONUS! - if you want to install a Norwegian EZWBOARD containing all the changes John has made to EZWBOARD, including CSS style sheets, cookies and of course UbbCode and Smiley's, you can download the zipfile here.

EZGUEST (Norwegian)
John has also translate EZGUEST into Norwegian. It's not just a direct translation but it also uses two stylesheets, one for guestbook creation and the other for the actual guestbook.

There's another twist - he has "reversed-engineered" the ezpalette graphic and converted it to its original HTML encoding, now incorporated into ezguest. Now you can provide your own color combination instead of being locked in by the preset colors of the ezpalette graphic.

You can download the zipfile here.

EZSWFHIT (English and Norwegian)
the shockwave flash counter script, EZSWFHIT, is the first script to receive the internationalization treatment. John has extracted all the displayed strings in the original script and put them into a separate english "language pack" (browse here) and modified the script to replace the hardcoded strings with references to the language pack.

the result? practically instant translation to a different language. just "plug in" a new language pack for, say norwegian, and voila - a Norwegian version of EZSWFHIT!

You can download the zipfile here.
last update - 6/30/2001

EZREFPG (English)
EZREFPG has also been "de-hardcoded" by John so that all strings are now in a separate file. You can download the zipfile here.
last update - 6/30/2001

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