my scripts are free software -they're NOT public domain!

as you can see, all my "EZ scripts" are based on working scripts written by other people and they provide useful functions and services intended to be installed at the user's website.

i added an extra "dimension" to those scripts by writing a program to generate the pages created by those scripts and modified the scripts so they can service multiple users instead of the original target of one user. the changes i make to these scripts are minor compared to the amount of work the respective authors had already invested in making these scripts function as intended. the copyrights to those scripts still belong to the original authors.

in most cases, i've asked permission from the various authors to allow me to repackage their software with my generator and they've graciously allowed this with the stipulation that i would not remove the authors' names and/or links to their sites. please respect these requests.

in those cases where the software was already under the GPL license, it follows that the derived software (my modified version) and my generator script are also distributed under the same license. if you make improvements to these scripts, you must release them to the public under the same license.

individuals and non profit organizations may use these scripts at no charge. however, these scripts cannot be "sold", "rented", or otherwise distributed in a "for profit" enterprise. companies, government agencies, and for profit organizations must contact the author/s for specific licensing costs and terms of use.

thanks for your cooperation

manny juan