EZWSPG - Easy Web Support Page Generator

this script is based on web support script written by Bismarck Tan of https://www.websupport.sourceforge.net and it allows tracking of problems by ticket number and easy administration. templates allows easy reconfiguration. i tried to obtain permission from Mr Tan so I could redistribute his modified scripts in my EZWSPG package but I got no response from him. I re-visited his scripts and they carry this permission:
 1. Copyright Notice
All distributed software, papers, and other works are free to use by any
individual, organization, or commercial venture as long as the following
conditions are agreed to:

    1. All copyright notices, and headers remain intact and
       unmodified in the source.
    2. The 'Powered by WebSupport v1.0' text remains/is placed
       on the links home page.
    3. The text is linked to:

Based on this, I've decided to release the ezwspg.zip for download. Please honor the conditions specified by the author.

You can now download the zipfile or you can try ezwspg.

Last Update: 12/30/2002
(script under construction)

manny juan