EZWHOST - Easy Webhost Maker

with ezwhost, you are not giving away websites, you are giving away webhosting sites! each webhost can support multiple users and each user can administer his site by uploading, deleting or renaming pages. each webhost owner has full control over the site using web-based administration and each user has upload privileges. try it now to see how it works!

the webhosting engine comes from the Webhost Free script from myidealscripts.com (be sure to check out the Webhost Lite and Webhost Pro versions which have more features). the author Yukon Ellsworth gave us permission to redistribute his webhost free script with my ez page generator to give you ezwhost.

i wish to also thank craig jackson for suggesting this script.

you can try ezwhost or download the zipfile. enjoy it!

this script is still under construction
last update: 03/11/2001 - fixed whadmin bug where root_url is clobbered when any admin is done
manny juan