EZVSORG - Easy VerySimple Organizer Maker

VerySimple Organizer is one of the most impressive feats of perl programming (object-oriented, too!) that i've seen. it is written by Jason M. Hinkle of verysimple.com

you can try ezvsorg or download the zipfile. enjoy it!

the scripts comprising VerySimple Organizer are being released under GPL licensing so therefore, ezvsorg is also being released under the same license.

Protect Your Organizer
do you want to add password protection to your organizer? Clyde Blommaert of Coalition of Historical Trekkers has hacked ezvsorg to use .htaccess and .htpasswd protection to prevent anyone from browsing your diary.

i've included his hack in the latest zip file (open ezvsorg.pl and search for "hack").

thanks, clyde!

last update: 8/26/2002

manny juan