EZVOBO - Easy Voting Booth Generator

welcome to EZVOBO  - the Easy Voting Booth Generator. install this script at your site and your guests can immediately create - not just one survey - but a whole voting booth of unlimited surveys! your guests can then offer their own surveys to their visitors who are then invited to take the surveys. during voting booth creation, you - the booth owner - may select the color scheme, define the administration password, turn on IP logging to prevent duplicate voting and allow others to create their own surveys. during survey creation, the survey maker (you, or your guest) also has the option to allow survey takers to add their own choice/answers to survey questions making them open-ended. only users who know the adminstration password can maintain the voting booth with options for deleting questions, answers or whole surveys. try ezvobo now!

the original voting booth script comes from cliff(tm)'s perl scripts and even in its current form, it is very easy to install. i've modified it a little to add color and to make it work with my EZ page generator engine. cliff(tm) has graciously allowed me to bundle his script with my program so webmasters can offer voting booths to the web community easily thus allowing even more people to create their own surveys without having to install any cgi script.

you may now download ezvobo.zip which includes all the files needed for installation.  (read install.txt or try ezvobo!).

Andreas Knop's Version of EZVOBO - in German

6/22/2001 - a german version of EZVOBO is now available. the translation was performed by Andreas Knop from https://www.Link-Maschine.de - you can read about it here!

manny juan