EZ Utilities - Utilities for EZ Scripts

this section features scripts that were devised to enhance one or more of the EZ scripts by adding some needed functions for administration, maintenance or improvement of the generated pages.

EZPW - Easy Password Retriever

this script was submitted by
Seppo Huuskonen as an enhancement to EZHOMEPG. you can see it in action by going to the userpages and clicking on the "Forgot your Password?" link. now, you don't have to lookup passwords for users who have forgotten them. let the users look up the passwords themselves. the user simply enters the email-id and any/all pages built with that email-id will be mailed to the requestor.

it is easy to see that you can extend the idea to the other EZ generators by using the same template for the form and script and just changing the name of the configuration file, page logo and title. you may download the zipfile here.

EZDEL1 - Easy Page Deleter

this script is used for deleting an unwanted page at any time. simply install the form and script after making all the changes for tailoring to your site. it starts by displaying the list of users on a table (the pagename is an active link for visual verification). you must supply the password (some value you've defined in the script) in order to delete a selected page. the example page shows that it's installed in the ezguest directory but it's easy to make the same script work for ezhomepg, ezlinkpg, ezclad, and ezrefpg - IF you've used the same name for data.txt in all of these scripts. all you need to do is change the value of userdir in the index page and supply the list of extensions in the extlist hidden variable (view source of example page to see how it's coded).

use this table below for the list of extensions produced by each script:

Script Namevalue of $extlist

it's recommended that you change the name of the script and the form to something other than ezdel1 so that it remains an administrator's exclusive script. you may download the zipfile here.

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