EZSWFHIT - Easy Shockwave Counter Maker

This script creates animated counters powered by Shockwave and Flash technology from Macromedia.

The script, SWHCOUNTER_MULTI and its supporting shockwave and flash modules were originally written by Seungho Choo. (you should check out all the other flash and shockwave animations he has written at his website - tangible.new21.org to get an idea of his productivity!)

By itself, this version can handle multiple languages and multiple users. The counter can display in any of these languages, selectable by the user from a drop down menu:

(Other languages can be added very easily).

Following a suggestion made by andreas knop, I modified SHCOUNTER_MULTI to work in conjunction with my EZ generator script so that anyone can create a Shockwave Hit Counter without writing any code and i've packaged the set of scripts as EZSWFHIT.

Install it at your site and you can offer Shockwave Counters to your guests (try it!)

It is to our good fortune that John (malmklang) Slettjord of Team Opelwerk, from Norway has taken EZSWFHIT and extracted all the variable text strings and collected them into an english language pack (see example) and also modified the EZSWFHIT script to refer to this pack for retrieving text strings. This made it a simpler task for him to translate the script to norwegian. He simply translated the values in the english language pack to norwegian and created a norwegian language pack! (See here for his mods to other EZ scripts).

You too, can make your own translation! If you do create a new language pack, please send it to me, if you don't mind doing so and I will include it (authorship properly acknowledged, of course) in the zipfile.

try it! or download the zipfile. (browse the installation instructions)