EZSHOCAR - Easy Shopping Cart Maker

give away shopping carts! this is based on the shopping cart engine written by Matt Champneys of intralinkscorp.com.

i was able to obtain permission to redistribute the script and you can now download the zipfile or you can try ezshocar.

Version History

last update: 03/30/2002

Modified EZSHOCAR Versions


Guido Blatz's German Version

EZSHOCAR was recently translated to German by Guido Blatz of www.runweb.de and it features the EURO as the mode of currency and the state selection has been converted to country selection from the European Union (eg. Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, France, etc.)! All pages (except buttons) have been converted to the German language but the full functionality of EZSHOCAR is intact.

This version supports these additional modes of payments: Invoice, Vorkasse (prepaid?), and Nachnahme (C.O.D.)

You can download it here

Thanks, Guido!

manny juan