EZRANKPG - Easy Rank Page Generator

this script allows users to create, run and maintain their own topsite service. each topsite page (aka "rank page") is powered by a modified version of Topsites Freeware from Solution Scripts.

the topsite owner can select the ranking method, set the maximum number of sites, limit the number of displayed banners and define the interval between updates.

when a visitor adds his site and banner to the topsite, he is presented with HTML code that must be pasted to the page being counted. the next time that page is clicked, the counter will be activated and successive clicks from that point are counted.

here is a sample image created by the generated HTML code. it is "connected" to my rank page hence clicking on it will add a hit to my entry

the topsite script automatically counts click-thrus and recomputes ranking whenever a click thru occurs and the interval between updates is reached.

you can read more about the topsite script and other webhosting support scripts at Solution Scripts. the folks there have been kind enough to give me permission for packaging their Topsites Freeware script with my EZ page generator and distribute it as EZRANKPG.

try it! or read the installation instructions or download the zipfile.
last updated 6/12/2001

Andreas Knop's Version of EZRANKPG - in German

6/11/2001 - a german version of EZRANKPG is now available. the translation was performed by Andreas Knop from https://www.Link-Maschine.de - you can read about it here and you can even try the topsite here!