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Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 21:42:26 +0100
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From: Hans Heerings 
Subject: Re: Question about possible extra features in Easy Poll Maker

Sorry for my bad Enlish Manny,

I will try to explain what I am looking for and why

At this moment I am a webmaster of a site ( This is a non 
profit, free website (free subscribtion). "or" stands for 
"ondernemingsraad".  In English: "works-council".
In Holland every company bigger than 50 employees has a works-council. This 
is a representative body (elected from the workforce), that has a say in 
all kinds of company matters. Every works-council wants to know what is the 
opinion of the workforce it represents. Internet/intranet polls and surveys 
could facilitate this. However most works-councils members don't have any 
technical knowledge. Only a few out of tens of thousands maintain their own 
website (on the companie's intranet or on the internet).

Now Easy Poll Maker (or the Easy Voting Booth Generator) comes in. However, 
when I implement Easy Poll Maker on my website ( I suspect that 
no workscouncil will use it because there is no means to restrict the 
actual voting to a limited number of people (the workforce). For instance 
by means of a preset password. As far as I understood the documentation of 
the Easy Poll Maker programme on your website, only the the survey maker 
has a password for administrative reasons. Everybody who knows where to 
find the poll on the web can vote. Only when a works-council cut-n-past the 
1-line html to their own page or copy the html of the actual poll, they can 
restrict access. However most workscouncils don't have a website of their 
own, and don't have the technical knowledge to do so (but nearly everybody 
in Holland has access to the internet or company-intranet and is able to 
take a vote).

So when I want to host poll-making and poll-taking on my website 
(, poll-makers (works-coucils) must be able to preset a password 
that the poll-takers (worksforce of the company) must use before they are 
allowed to take the poll and vote (all on

As far as I understood from the documentation on Easy Poll Maker (or the 
Easy Voting Booth Generator) the program, the poll-maker has no means for 
setting a password for the poll-takers. Or am I wrong? Maybe I understood 
it wrongly. In that case I appologise. It would be a great feature.



>thanks for writing.
>however i don't understand your suggestion.  currently
>my ezpolmkr script gives you the HTML (1-line) to
>cut-n-paste to your page when you create a poll.  you
>don't have to copy the html of the actual poll but you
>can if you want to.
>there is no way to avoid posting a little html on the
>poll-creator's website because there has to be a link
>to the poll.
>i don't understand the password part.  do you mean if
>i create a poll, i want my visitors (ie.poll takers)
>to enter a password everytime they take the poll?  or
>do i, as the poll creator, enter a password? (i'm
>doing similar to that now when i have to enter name,
>email and page in order to edit)
>so please give me an example.  pretend i'm the hosting
>site (ie. i've installed ezpolmkr at my site) and u're
>a visitor (potential poll taker) - what do you wish to
>--- Hans Heerings  wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Would it be a good idea to build in some extra
> > features in Easy Poll Maker:
> > e.g.
> > - possibility to create password protected polls (to
> > be created by visitors
> > of the hosting website). In that way the visitors
> > who want to set uop a
> > poll do not have to past in their polls in the
> > html-files of their own
> > websites but can us the pasword protected polls in
> > the hosting website.
> >
> > Greetings,
> >
> > Hans Heerings
> >
> >
> >
> >
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