EZOHLKPG - Easy 100-Links Page Maker

What's a 100-Links page? It's a simple form of the FFA (free-for-all) Links page and it always displays 100 links. This script is based on the 100-Links script written by Ranson Johnson from Ranson's Scripts. It features a bad-words checker, a bad-site verifier and an optional referal log. There is also a simple (delete-only) administration function for removing inappropriate entries manually. Ranson has kindly given me permission to package his script with my EZ page generator and the result is EZOHLKPG. (This script was suggested by Soh Lin Keong from Malaysia).

you can now download the zipfile or you can try ezohlkpg.

Version History

last update: 06/30/2002

Modified EZOHLKPG Versions


Guido Blatz's German Version

EZOHLKPG was recently translated to German by Guido Blatz of www.runweb.de and it adds an admin feature that allows deletion of entries in the linkpage.

You can download it here

Thanks, Guido!

manny juan