EZNEWSPG - Easy NewsPage Maker


EZNEWSPG is based on @1 newscroller, an excellent freeware news script written by Lawrence Lam of UPOINT dotNET of malaysia. Lawrence has kindly given his permission to include his script into EZNEWSPG.

The script uses a combination of javascript and perl to implement a scrolling panel of news items. Each news item may be short and complete or may include a link to a popup window for more detail. Text may contain HTML. Uploading of thumbnail images is even allowed! (learn more about @1 newscroller).

Thanks to hakan falk of vitools.com for recommending this script for conversion.

try eznewspg! or download the zipfile. (browse the installation instructions)

this script is still under construction
last update: 2/23/2002

Guido Blatz's German Version

EZNEWSPG was recently translated to German by Guido Blatz of www.runweb.de. You can download it here

Thanks, Guido!
last update: 8/15/2002

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