EZMBGEN - Easy Message Board Generator

welcome to EZMBGEN  - the Easy Message Board Generator.  i picked Message Board v4.0 from CGI Factory as the basis of EZMBGEN because of its simplicity and power.

after you install this script at your site, you offer your guests the ability to create their own message boards and control the look by selecting these options:

i've added an administration function which becomes available when the user edits his message board. this option allows deletion of whole threads (ie. original post plus all replies) only.

(i managed to "hack" a color-changer javascript program into a specialized tool for creating the color schemes for EZWBGEN. as a bonus, you may download the cchart.zip or you may try it but you will need to allow javascript to create cookies on your PC).

change history
1/19/2001 - fixed security hole in mbadmin.pl brought to my attention by Corey Costadura. please download the latest zipfile. the scripts affected were ezmbgen.pl and mbadmin.pl

you may now download ezmbgen.zip which includes all the files needed for installation.  (read install.txt or try ezmbgen!).

Modified EZMBGEN Versions


Robert Macwange's version

featuring a cool Color Picker in Javascript!   May 15, 2001

Robert Macwange of Sweden has improved the create panel interface in his version of ezmbgen and made it more concise by clever use of field shading and bold fonts, removal of redundant fields and most importantly by using a hi-tech javascript color picker thus allowing practically unlimited color combinations by simple point-n-click.  the other improvements he added were CSS style sheets and improved error handling.


the script can be seen in action at robert's site - https://www.monopro.com/forum/index.html .  the zipfile can be downloaded from there, too.

coming soon - ezwbgen in swedish! robert is currently translating ezwbgen into swedish and has promised to make it available at his site when it is ready. (thanks, robert).

Norbert Wildenblanck's Version of EZMBGEN - in German

Read about this German version of EZMBGEN and other scripts here.

Ali Almatrok's Version of EZMBGEN - in Arabic

Ali took the version of Robert Macwange (above) and translated it to Arabic. Read about this version here.

manny juan