EZLINKPG - Easy Linkpage Generator

welcome to EZLINKPG - the easy linkpage generator. what is a linkpage? it's the short name i'm using in place of Free-For-All-Links page originally devised by the prolific matt wright. install this script at your site and presto - your site is now offering linkpage hosting services! visitors to your site will be able to create their own linkpages (ie. free-for-all-link pages) simply by filling in a few fields and all needed files (html, data, etc) are generated automatically - (no other cgi scripts need to be installed) and the linkpages are immediately available for update. try it!

the generated linkpage is a perfect companion to a page created by EZHOMEPG and a guestbook created by EZGUEST.

this generator actually consists of three scripts:

  1. ezlinkpg.pl - gets input from user and generates a linkpage based on the entered parameters.

    the user can change color selections, control email acknowledgement, modify retention rules and even define the content of the acknowledgement letter any time without bothering the linkpage entries.

  2. ezlinknu.pl - is used for adding new entries to the linkpage.

  3. ezlinkd.pl - is used for deleting individual entries from the linkpage.

i modified the linkpage script originally written by matt wright so it could service multiple linkpages and automatically expire entries when the limit is reached.

the script to create, edit and generate pages came from homepage maker script, originally written by dave palmer. i've adapted it to process linkpages and i've also added the page deletion capability, provide color selections and accept parameters for controlling email acknowledgement and retention rules.

EZLINKPG Version History:

you may now download the zipfile which includes all the files needed for installation. (read install.txt or try ezlinkpg!).

Andreas Knop's Version of EZLINKPG - in German

6/21/2001 - a german version of EZLINKPG is now available. the translation was performed by Andreas Knop from www.Link-Maschine.de - you can read about it here!

Norbert Wildenblanck's Version of EZLINKPG - in German

6/26/2001 - another german version of EZLINKPG is now available - this one features unlimited categories and more. modified by Norbert Wildenblanck from www.germanCGI.de - you can read about it here!

manny juan