EZHOMEPG - Easy Home Page Generator

this script actually originated as homepage.pl (Home Page Maker ) by David Palmer but in its initial form, it allowed only 3 choices for backgrounds. even then, it was an impressive program as it made page creation easy and fun - for anyone.

the program was later improved by Greg Mathews of notts.net who added dynamic display of clip art using perl and SSI (server side includes) but it still did not allow for editing of clip art choices and maintenance involved redundant tasks (script and html). also, SSI is sometimes not available at some hosting sites.

i've modified it by simplifying the setup (no more redundant makepage.html) and by allowing full editing of text and clip art choices. i've also included a starter set of clip art images for splash graphics, backgrounds, horizontal separators, bullets and animated email icons so there are more choices available for creating a wide variety of pages .

several alternative, enhanced versions of ezhomepg, submitted by users, are available below.

EZHOMEPG version history:

below are the instructions for installing the file ezhomepg.zip (please note that i've only tested this script using perl 5.)

please retain the links to my site and my name in the generated pages and the index page. you may use one of my banners to replace or supplement the text link on the index page.
Installation Instructions
unzip unzip the file ezhomepg.zip into a subdirectory and maintain its directory structure
userpages create this subdirectory at your site

should be writeable as this is where all user pages and reference files will be created

images upload the images directory (and contents) using ftp.
note: the logo, mjmall.jpg should be placed in /userpages/images

remove any extraneous files possibly left behind by ftp programs (ws_ftp usually leaves behind a log file called ws_ftp.log). if they are not deleted, they are included as clip art selections (but broken)!

index.html edit and change the link to the logo image (mjmall.jpg) and the links to the cgi script.
upload this to /userpages
allow read and write permissions (chmod to 777)
data.txt upload this to /userpages
allow read and write permissions (chmod to 777)
ezhomepg.pl edit this file and adjust the parameters to agree with the website directory structure
upload this to your cgi directory
allow read and execute permissions (chmod to 755)

if you install ezhomepg at your website, please send me your URL - by email or through the guestbook - and i'll advertise your site on my page by including it in our growing list of ezhomepg users! thanks!

Modified EZHOMEPG Versions


Moorabool Version of EZHomepage 2000 - in FRENCH(!)

Moorabool translated to French!   July 12, 2001  

Coming soon! A French translation of the Moorabool EZHomepg. See it in action here.

Moorabool Version of EZHomepage 2000

Enhanced EZHomepage 2000!   April 17, 2001   (Moorabool EZHomepage).

Coming from Australia is a new version of EZHomepage 2000 based on the collaborative work of Bill Hall and Michael Lacey.

the new script contains these features:

  1. interactive page setup for creating, editing and deleting pages
  2. template-based communities, including a test site for demonstration purposes
  3. uploading of multimedia files
  4. newsletter subscription
  5. easy but secure lost-login recovery
  6. file manager
  7. javascript-enhanced form handling
  8. style sheets

Michael has setup the script at Moorabool Online Community Page (please use the Test Site for practice pages) and has made the script components available as ezhpmv.zip.

Per Kristian Johansen's EZHomesite

Multi-page website creator!   October 1, 2000   (EZHomesite).

they said it couldn't be done! but Per Kristian Johansen has created a version of ezhomepg aptly called EZHomesite that can create up to 5 pages!

the script can do the following:

  1. Creates multiple pages (up to 5 total) for the website: (index, page2 thru page5) and all pages reside in a user directory
  2. Allow selection of contrasting background color
  3. Automatic building of navigation menu from page titles
  4. Content, title, and style may be different in each page
  5. Option to center page content
  6. Allows font selection
  7. Clip art selection
  8. option to select contrasting background color.
  9. Customized navigation menu.
  10. Content and title different in each page.
  11. Option to center pages.
  12. Changed fontselection

the script can be seen in action at EZHomesite.

the latest version of the script should be at this site, too - but here's an early version of the zipfile (dated 12/10/2000).

Andreas Knop's Version of EZHOMESITE - in German

6/22/2001 - a german version of EZHOMESITE is now available. the translation was performed by Andreas Knop from https://www.Link-Maschine.de - you can read about it here!

Bill Hall's Version - EZHomepage 2000

A new EZHomeBase from Bill Hall is coming soon!

Latest News as of August 27, 2001

Bill Hall is working on a new product - EZHomeBase - the product of the best features from EZHomeSite and EZHP2000 and the new name of EZHomeSite 2000. As soon as we get the latest developments, we'll report them here.

Changes as of January 15, 2001

there are too many changes to mention, you can read all about them in the history and updates section. many of the changes will appear in the upcoming EZHomesite 2000, which is Per Kristian Johansen's EZHomesite but with the Bill Hall treatment. Watch for it!

download the ezhp2000 zipfile now (it's 1.38meg)

Changes as of September 25, 2000

here are more changes from the prolific Bill Hall! this time, he has added image management capabilities as new administrator functions.

  1. There is now an image manager option (mini web based file manager) where administrators can rename or delete images. It works very simular to the upload option so now a community admin would not require an ftp account.
  2. changed code for community size limit handling when new members are added, the amount of current members is checked and if the number is reached - the community automatically becomes turnkey. That way a community admin can still add members even though the community is full.
  3. added two variables in the configuration files

Changes as of September 23, 2000

it seems as if Bill Hall had rewritten the whole script so it could support multiple user communities. As Bill himself says "EZHomepage 2000 is done. It's got enough new features to really be a millenium edition".

  1. ezhp2000 is now set up to handle multiple web communities.
  2. separate configurability - each community has it's own look and feel, administrator ( there is also a super admin), contact email, configuration file, limit on the amount of community members (set in it's config file), all of the EZHomepage 2000 options can now be set differently for each community.
  3. Each community has it's own directory structure (containing all the graphics images unique for the community) and an index.html page where the links and graphics (thumbnails) are placed by the script.
  4. upload bug is fixed.
  5. new contact form script is used that draws it's background image, text color, link color, and visited link color from the generated page (really looks good or bad depending on what the user selected).
  6. more error checking on required fields i.e. headline and email (invalid formats or missing) on create headline, user name and email(invalid formats or missing) on recreate (updates)
  7. improved navigation - when a page is created\recreated the return link will take them to the community members page.

Changes as of August 22, 2000

Bill Hall has taken Simon Pierce's version of EZHomepg from this site (see Ethos Online's version, below) and enhanced it (boy, did he enhance it!) with the following features (Thanks, Bill!):

  1. it is now possible to select a thumbnail image in addition to your link in the index page
  2. the system may be setup with the turnkey option on so that the it will allow only the administrator to create a page for a new user. after that the user has full edit control of the page. (if the option is turned off, the security is relaxed and will allow anyone from the general community to create a webpage).
  3. a "back door" is available for enabling the administrator to log in with a special id which will allow him to edit and delete any page.
  4. a counter may now be included on the page (either white-on-black or vice versa) and may be reset by the user anytime.
  5. it is now possible to specify the complete URL to external images to be used as "splash" and thumbnail graphics.
  6. it is possible to add up to four (4) new linked thumbnails and corresponding full-size images
  7. a pop-up banner (patterned from Abuzer Khan's script, below) is now available at set-up time.
  8. a search facility has been added to allow searching of all user pages.
  9. you can toggle the appearance of links, email id, contact form, counter and pop-up banner.
  10. an option is available to handle lost login requests - all login information will be emailed to the requestor.
  11. customizable page header strip can now be set with user selection of text and background colors in the configuration file.
  12. user image uploads - Options are:
  13. upload script ezupload.pl added to the distribution - the homepage script sets everything up and calls it. The result screens in ezupload.pl look just like the ezhomepage ones.
  14. an option is available to handle lost login requests - all login information will be emailed to the requestor.
  15. and more (read about all the enhancements in the help page).

Summary of changes:

I've installed the latest script here so you can try it.

you can download  ezhp2000.zip  now. It includes all the files needed for installing one community - saved as sample1.zip in the download file. Installation notes may be found in the ezsetup page. (you can still download the prior "single-community" version here). Have fun!

Ethos Online's Version (by Simon Pierce)
Simon Pierce has also sent me his version of EZHOMEPG. His changes give EZHOMEPG a professional look! He has improved the interface and streamlined the script to allow easier control over headers/footers by owner and to allow a more friendly interface for the user including easier text entry, font selection, and even a help page! Read all about Simon Pierce's version!

(Check out the demo at Ethos Online or download the zipfile here but the latest version is available at Ethos Online).

Abuzer Khan's Version
I received another enhanced version of EZHOMEPG from Abuzer Khan. His version builds on the mods made by Bill Hall and adds the following features:

For a short time only, i've installed a demo page for you to try.

you may download the zipfile containing the script, the index file and the banner but you still need to download ezhomepg.zip file to get the original components.

Sentosa I. Salim's Version
Here is a unique use of EZHOMEPG in this version enhanced by Sentosa I. Salim.

this is an example of a creative idea applied to a working tool in order to fill a need. Sentosa Salim enhanced the EZHOMEPG script by adding the capability of selecting the target folder (aka "community") where the generated page would be added.

see how the new script was converted into a game character/merchant profile database re-implemented here as Salim's AC Market. (AC stands for Asheron's Call, a Microsoft online RPG which features an enormous world where you interact with thousands of online players by fighting creatures with spells and weapons or by building your character, forming social bonds and becoming a powerful lord).

change the server names to "Arts, Finance, Auto, Sports, Health, etc." and you've got a script to keep track of profiles in a small web community a la Geocities!

Here's what Sentosa has to say:

What's good (new) about this mod:

What's bad about this mod:

try the demo.

you may download the zipfile containing the script.

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