EZGIFTPG - Easy Gift Page Generator

this script creates the electronic equivalent of a gift registry.

say your birthday is coming up, or maybe your wedding day or a special event. you create a gift page using EZGIFTPG and enumerate the gifts you would wish to receive on this day.

then you send an email to your friends and relatives with the link (URL) to your gift page. when they click on it, they will see your list of gifts and they have the chance of "claiming" the gift they would like to give to you. once an item is claimed, it is no longer available to prevent duplicate gifts.

in order to retain the spirit of anticipation and surprise, this claiming process is anonymous - ie. the owner of the gift page doesn't know who will be sending a gift.

of course, the visitor to the gift page can decide not to select any item in the list and simply send another gift altogether.

this script was originally written by Matt Riffle as dreamlist.pl and may be downloaded from his site at www.pingpackets.com  - i've modified it slightly to work within the EZ generator setup and here is the result.

read the installation instructions before downloading the zipfile or try it!

last updated 5/21/2001