EZFAQMKR - Easy SmartFAQ Page Maker

This script creates SmartFAQ sites (actually, pages) for your guests. SmartFAQ is the name of a simple but capable FAQ management system written by Jimmy from smartcgis.com.

Each FAQ page behaves like any page created by the SmartFAQ script. each SmartFAQ page can accommodate unlimited number of subjects and unlimited number of entries within each subject. Three layout options are available for presenting and displaying the subject list and/or the question-and-answer pairs. An optional search box may also be included in the generated SmartFAQ page to allow easier access to entries in a huge FAQ database.

An administration function is available to the owner of the SmartFAQ page to allow addition, deletion and modification of subject names and the entries they contain.

Each SmartFAQ site is powered by a special version of the SmartFAQ script modified to service multiple FAQ pages and to work in conjunction with the page generator engine of EZFAQMKR.

I was able to obtain permission from Jimmy to package SmartFAQ with my EZ page generator and distribute it as EZFAQMKR. (9/13/2001)

try it! or download the zipfile. (browse the installation instructions)