EZDLPG - Easy Download Page Maker

Create a Download page with EZDLPG. It's a central place where your users can visit to download your favorite files. The files do not have to reside at your site. Files are ranked after every download so you can tell which one is the most popular at all times.

Note that you can always cut-n-paste the generated link for one file unto another page for convenience in downloading (for example, a page on popular Irish tunes might contain a download link to dannyboy.mp3 while your EZDLPG page, My MP3 Collection, ranks ALL your music files, including dannyboy.mp3. The file may be downloaded from either page and the count is incremented appropriately.)

EZDLPG is based on the download script, download.cgi written by Euer Stefanos of www.coder-world.de in Germany. I was given permission by Mr. Stefanos to redistribute his script in EZDLPG.

(This script was suggested by Guido Blatz from runweb.de).

you can try ezdlpg now or you can now download the zipfile (this is the english version; for german version, see below).

please respect the terms of the license (German or English).

this script is still under construction

Modified EZDLPG Versions


Guido Blatz's German Version

Guido Blatz has completed translation of EZDLPG to German and has made it available for downloading here. Thanks, Guido.

last update: 03/31/2002

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