EZDIARYG - Easy Diary Generator

EZDIARYG creates personal diaries based on MyDiary, another excellent community script from Jason M. Hinkle of verysimple.com.

you can try ezdiaryg or download the zipfile. enjoy it!

the scripts comprising MyDiary are being released under GPL licensing. similarly, ezdiaryg is also being released under the same license.

no sooner had i posted EZDIARYG to my site than ivana erney announced her enhanced version, EZDIARYGIE. a new option is available for selecting a header image and a corresponding background (12 in all) giving a new look and feel to MyDiary. a table of colors is also supplied to assist the user in selecting colors. (you can read about the features and download the file from here).

this script is still under construction
last update: 2/17/2002 - announced availability of ivana erney's version, EZDIARYGIE.
manny juan