EZCLAD - Easy Classified Ads Page Generator

welcome to EZCLAD - the easy classified ads page generator. if you've been browsing the net a lot, you will find this classified ad page format familiar. it is actually patterned from the extremely popular Classified.cgi script written by Greg Mathews of notts.net. you can try it.

i've selected it for its power and simplicity and i applied the same techniques i used to create my ezhomepg (easy homepage), ezguest (easy guestbook) and ezlinkpg (easy linkpage) generators.

i've incorporated the ad deletion into the front page and changed the script so that all the ads are kept in one file and requested pages are generated in HTML on the fly. as with the other scripts, only one set of scripts is needed to support multiple users.

i hope it will be as easy to install and as easy to use as my other page generators.

the date calculation routines come from date.pl, written by Gary Puckering, and are used here, unchanged (i had also used this in my ezguest script).

New Version Available - the new ezclad v1.2 now allows viewing of all ads through the use a new "View All" button.

you may now download ezclad.zip which includes all the files needed for installation. (read install.txt or try ezclad!).

Andreas Knop's Version of EZCLAD - in German

6/21/2001 - a german version of EZCLAD is now available. the translation was performed by Andreas Knop from https://www.Link-Maschine.de - you can read about it here!

manny juan