EZCHATPG - Easy Chat Page Maker

yes! you can give away chat pages (aka chat rooms) to your guests and there's no programming on their part. they simply fill in a few fields and voila - they have their very own chat room!

the chat pages generated are powered by matt hahnfeld's everychat script found at www.everysoft.com (also creator of the popular everyauction script).

sorry, i cannot install this script at my site due to potential space and contention considerations. however you can download the zipfile so you can install it at your site.

GOOD NEWS! my friend norbert wildenblanck from www.germancgi.de has recently installed ezchatpg at one of his sites and has kindly offered to make it available for trying ezchatpg. so now you can try it! (thank you, norbert).

please note that this site is for demo purposes and norbert reserves the right to edit, delete, update any of the chat pages and he has the right to continue (or stop) providing this site for demo use as he wishes and without any earlier notification.

you should be aware that this chat is html-based and relies on no-cache browsing (ie. the page is refreshed repeatedly to get the most current content) and may result in heavy activity on your server even while the chat participants (all of them) are not typing but are contemplating their next response. (this is just my guess and i don't have a web hit monitor to verify this).
this is the familiar page creation panel ...
... and here's what the generated chat page looks like.
last updated 5/9/2001