EZCARDGN - Easy Postcard Maker

give away postcard makers! now your guests can create and run their own postcard service from your site. all they have to do is fill in a few fields and select a color scheme for the index page. the script comes with pre-built templates for the email contents (mailed to card recipient and card creator), and HTML forms for creating, reviewing and reading the generated postcards. it even has automatic purging of older cards to allow hands-free operation.

the script was originally written by Jason W. Maloney of aestheticsurgerycenter.com. Jason has graciously allowed me to include this special version of his script in this package called EZCARDGN.

note that the script does not allow uploading of images. if you desire that feature, contact Jason at his site (click on the email icon) or arrange to obtain his Postcard PRO script which allows uploading and more.

you can now download the zipfile or you can try ezcardgn.

version history

last update: 11/25/2002

Modified EZCARDGN Versions


Guido Blatz's German Version

EZCARDGN has been translated to German by Guido Blatz of www.runweb.de and it features color selection using a java applet. You can download it here

Thanks, Guido!

last update: 11/28/2002

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