EZCALEND - Easy Calendar Generator

welcome to EZCALEND  - the easy calendar generator. after you install this script, your guests will be able to build their own calendars at your site. they will be able to edit their calendar anytime to change the title, the color scheme, the administration password and the list of valid users. valid users can add, edit and delete only the calendar events that they have entered, while the adminstrator can update all entries.

the calendar is a "lite" version of a calendar engine from Lozinski Calendars, whose full-featured calendar script is probably the most popular calendar script available from the net today (the ratings at cgi-resources can't be wrong!)

i downloaded the demo script from the Lozinski site and enhanced it by restoring the show-weekend and delete-entry capabilities which are missing from the demo. Dave Lozinski has graciously allowed me to bundle this modified version of his calendar with my EZ page generator script and the result is EZCALEND! try it.

if you're looking for enhancements that add some missing feature to ezcalend or improve its look or streamline its behavior, i've create a new page called EZCalend Hacks.

you may now download ezcalend.zip which includes all the files needed for installation.  (read install.txt or try ezcalend!).

Modified EZCALEND Versions


Gregory Swofford's version for Linux

EZCALEND for Linux!

Gregory Swofford has modified EZCALEND and repackaged it for Linux as a "tarball" (ezcal.tar) with these features:

you can view the installation instructions here.

Gregory has also written a javascript front end to the generated calendar. you can see it in action here. if you are comfortable with editing javascript, you can cut and paste from the source code and incorporate this into your page.

manny juan