EZBXGEN - Easy Banner Exchange Generator

this script creates banner exchange sites (actually, pages) for your guests. all they have to do is fill in a few fields and they immediately get a working banner exchange site ready to keep track of membership, banner clicks and display ratios.

each banner exchange site is powered by a modified version of bannerplus v0.9 (freeware version) from www.gadnet.com/bplus . (the features of the various bannerplus versions can be found here).

i was able to obtain permission from drummond miles to package bannerplus v0.9 with my EZ page generator and distribute it as EZBXGEN. (5/21/2001)

try it! or download the zipfile. (browse the installation instructions)
last updated 9/7/2001 - fixed email id of banner page site maker

Andreas Knop's Version of EZBXGEN - in German

6/21/2001 - a german version of EZBXGEN is now available. the translation was performed by Andreas Knop from https://www.Link-Maschine.de - you can read about it here!