Ethos Online's Version of EZHOMEPG - by Simon Pierce

Hi Bill and Manny,

I haven't written a readme file yet, so this file just includes the modifications I've made. I would really appreciate it if you could test it out!

Installation is similar to other versions - copy homepage.cfg, and into a your cgi-bin. Put the data.txt file somewhere inaccessible on the web. Place the userpages directory and its contents in to your HTML root. change the variables in homepage.cfg. Change the paths in userpages/index.html. Chmod everything to these values (I think!):

homepage.cfg  :  644 (i think)   :  755       :  755 (i think)
index.html    :  not quite sure (same as with other versions)
data.txt      :  not quite sure (same as with other versions)

- that should be it!

I've tested everything on my Windows 95 Xitami server - it all seems to work. If you see anything I've missed, please let me know. I haven't tested the mail routines - I may have messed them up - but I don't think I have!

Here's a rundown of the Mods I've made. My knowledge of PERL isn't very vast, so most of the changes I've made are HTML based ones:

HTML - The HTML of the forms and error messages has been changed. I've also created a new index page.

HTML.PL - EZHOMEPG owners can now define HTML page headers and footers for their forms and separate headers and footers to be tagged on to user pages - the HTML is stored in this file. Users can also specify properties for their forms and error pages as well as Cascading Style Sheets (or CSS links).

CSS - I've included two CSS files to be used by the script (for link rollovers, etc). The Background images displayed by the add page and edit page forms are no longer straight images placed on the page - instead they are the backgrounds of tables. This has no effect on the user pages, it just means that large (wide) background image files don't mess up the design of the add and edit forms).

BODY TEXT - Users can start a new line of body text by simply pressing , and a new paragraph by pressing it twice. The line breaks are converted into %%s for the benefit of the script and the data files and converted back for the sake of the editing form.

TABLE ROWS - A new table row can be created by simply starting a new line (by pressing ). Works the same way as BODY TEXT.

TWO HORIZONTAL LINES - Users can use two different horizontal lines on their pages (instead of the same one twice).

BACKGROUND OPTION - Users don't need to specify a background image on their pages - will default to browser default.

EMAIL IMAGE - Users can specify to not include an email image on their pages.

DISPLAY OF EMAIL ADDRESS - Users can specify not to display their email address on their pages.

FONT FACES - Users can specify a font for their pages.

RETURNING OF ORIGINAL VALUES TO THE EDIT FORM - All original values of a user page are returned in the edit form (previously the original image centering variables weren't returned, and body text didn't always display correctly).

INDEX PAGE RE-EDITING - Included Bill Hall's 'csreeditindex' mod.

NEW CONFIG FILE - All configuration (with the exception of custom headers/footers in is now done through a separate file - homepage.cfg


$useflock - can switch off flock (useful for Win 95 users).
$myfontface - sets a font face for entries into the index file.
$fileext - sets extension of user pages (html, shtml, etc). Useful if you want to add SSI adverts to user pages.
$csreeditindex - Bill Hall's re-edit index mod.

HELP PAGE - Help page for users is now included.

CALLING THE SCRIPT - The script can be called by its URL.

To add a page visit 
to edit visit 
to delete visit 
and for help visit

I think that's it!

(Check out the demo at ethos online or download the zipfile here but the latest version is available at Ethos Online).

Simon Pierce