EZCalend Hacks

this page contains enhancements to EZCALEND submitted by users who are much more proficient in perl than i am. before trying any of these hacks, please make sure you back up the current version of your scripts. (it goes without saying that if you plan to implement any of these modifications, you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some heavy cgi programming/debugging AND that you are responsible for the outcome of your changes).

Add Close Button to the Add-Event Window
this suggestion was sent to me by Joel Susser  and with very little changes to the script, it functions pretty well.

I made a small/fast hack to calendar_day.pl
I added the line after: print <<__END_OF_HTML_CODE__;

<P><center> <a href= "https://www.servername/closewindow.html"> Close Window
</a> </center>

The closewindow.html has the text:
<title>CLOSE WINDOW</title>
<body ONLOAD= "self.close ()">

I'm sure there is a more elegant way of doing this but for me it worked.

Another comment I got was "Could you make the program able to enter dates
from multiple months at a time?" That is way beyond me but I thought
I would pass it along.

manny juan